5 Key Roles Of A Realtor: Ultimate Realtor’s Guide that will blow your mind!

Do you know your duties as a realtor? are you finding it hard executing your duties as a realtor? Here are 5 key roles of a realtor.

Have you heard about the 5 key roles of a realtor: ultimate realtors guide? Research has shown that a larger percentage of people’s wealth comes from real estate. Real estate is one of the steady ways by which wealth can be generated.

It is important to note that this steady cash flow cannot be achieved without the sole support of Realtors. Realtors are the intermediary between the client and the real estate company. One of the issues most of these realtors face is that they are not duly informed on what they are to do. This is why we are bringing up this piece of write-up, as it will be stating the 5 key roles of a Realtor in the real estate business.

5 Key Roles Of A Realtor

Publicity of the brand:

Being that a realtor is an intermediary between a brand and the clients, it is also part of their duty to ensure that they advertise the brand and products to prospective clients. If you can do this successfully, then you would be able to get your commission.

Note: depending on the agreement between the realtor and the brand, realtors are entitled to commission on every sale made be it 5%, 10% and more. There are also other mouth-watering benefits of being a realtor. All are dependent on the company you work for.

Take clients to various locations:

If you are advertising something to someone then they should have an entitlement to see what they are going for. For example, if a client is interested in the land at Epe, he/she should see what he/she is buying. 

It is your duty to partner with the brand and then accompanies your client to the location. No doubt, this would increase the chances of the client getting the product.

Referral of clients:

Now, this is very important as sometimes realtors might not be so accurate when it comes to information about the company. If you find yourself in this situation, it is wise to direct them directly to the company to get the desired information. 

This would not stop you from getting your entitlement as the intermediary. You are not to give out information you are not sure of. Accuracy is important in this business.

Conclusion of contracts between both parties (client and brand):

It is your duty as a realtor to conclude the contracts between the company and the client. If it’s surely a done deal between the two parties then it’s appropriate to conclude the contract. 

After you have concluded the contract, you are still in the best position to inform these new clients about new improvements, and projects about the company.

Looking out for the client’s property:

We know this sounds funny but it is something that you can incorporate. Help your clients to watch over their lands and if you think they would be needing to do something extra on it, you can propose ideas and ensure that your client gets to the root of the process. This would only build more trust in you and the brand in question.

Now you have seen the 5 key roles of a realtor, we feel there shouldn’t be any difficulties carrying out your duties. Being a realtor does not attract so much stress when you know what to do and are also applying the right strategies. If you want to become a landowner, then you should reach out to us via www.gamay.com.ng or our social media handles.

GAMAY is the finest Real Estate plug and we are sure to serve you like the Kings and Queens that you are. See you in the next post!

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