A real estate agent is a representative of a real estate company that gives full details of what the company offers and make sales and we must know how to identify and verified a legit agent

A real estate agent is a representative of a real estate company with the mandate to give full details of what the company offers and make sales through the information as well. This agent is identified and verified by his or her company and permitted to speak on behalf of the company at any given time.

This also means that some persons can introduce themselves as real estate agents with real company fliers but fake information. Below are trusted ways to identify any dubious persons as such.

1) They don’t use their real names (fake identity):

Nowadays, people have become smarter than usual as so to just falling prey to scammers. Still yet, a lot can’t tell the difference between a real agent from a camouflage. Fraudsters in general do not use their original names to prevent being tracked and apprehended. They look well dressed and presentable so you don’t suspect they are hungry wolves. Any biography they would portray about themselves is a genuine lie. It is compulsory you request for the company’s line and ask to speak with the customer care representative. It is possible they also prepare for that scene but in most cases, they may not. So, it meets them unexpected. If they begin to mince words or find excuses, you have your answers right before you.

2) They might present the company’s fliers or list of land prices:

It is no doubt that some persons can go any length just to defraud people of their money. It is very possible for these persons to attend some meetings conducted by the real estate company for their ambassadors or realtors, i.e. those who represent them out there to make sales. This intentional act could be for them to have access to some of the company’s materials just to make people believe they are a real estate agent from that company. Nevertheless, that doesn’t guarantee they know all there is to know. So proceed to asking them deep questions. Perhaps, about real estate in general. Make it an interactive one and see how they respond to each of your respective questions.

3) They will try to beat down the price:

If they are fake, then all they are after is not helping you secure any property whatsoever but rather after your money. Once you show signs of no interest or probably say you can’t afford the price for any land on the flier, it is possible they come up with a promo price right there. Remember, the land is not some other commodity that you negotiate its price. Any price enlisted for a certain land or property is the rightful and allocated price for that land but often times instalments can be accepted by the company but not entirely by those who are the bad guys. If they agree to an instalment, they probably want to do away quickly with you and move on to the next target. At least they have gotten money from, though not their full expectation but something. That is the way a fraudster thinks. If they can’t drain you off much, they settle for less.

4) They are hasty about your purchase:

A real estate agent is aware of the fact that he or she is not just to get people to buy properties but help them through the processes, guiding them on different locations having had vast knowledge of each location and how it will be productive for them to get land at any given location. A real estate agent won’t hasten you to purchase a property that same day. They start by educating you about real estate for deep insights about what you are about investing into. If you do not show interest, they might leave a flier with you and move on with a smile. They know there won’t be a need to exchange contacts but if you will later need such information you could call the company’s contact. i.e they are not in a hurry.

Meanwhile, a fake real estate agent tells you all sorts of lies to get you to believe they are doing you a favour and that the offers will close the next day or soonest, putting you in a state of confusion and rush. Right there if you take quick steps to pay you would make a huge mistake. Rather, tell them you would get back to them. Take your time to
do your findings. Visit the company’s website and have comprehensive research about them engage with their contents on social media and if you need assistance with this, you could use the help of a mature child of yours or a trusted person but the agent.

5) They will give you a fake account detail:

Now, if they came with a company’s flier, it is possible they could edit the original one and duplicate a fake with wrong details of payment because all real estate companies do have their account details on each flier. So, do not pay cash into a personal account of the agent’s or even into the proposed company account shown on the flier. Do not make the payment that day. Always make findings first. Visit the company but do not disclose this to the agent. It could be a trap because they will offer to go with you. What if the address on the flier is a fake one?

6) Ask for the vital information:

Just to put them under pressure, ask them a few questions to see if they will flop. Questions like; Who is the managing director of the company? What is the vision and mission statement of the company? How long has the company been in existence? How many staffs do they have? Only a real agent would give answers to these questions without mincing words or blabbing. Sometimes asking these questions might not only be for the purpose of getting the accurate answer but to test their patience. A real estate agent is trained to overcome the test of patience by customers or prospects but a fake one doesn’t have this training or isn’t aware of this.

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