How To Identify a Fake Real Estate Company in Lagos

Important estate business has started booming and appreciating, several agents as well as the important and pretend property developers have started taking advantage of this business.

Have you ever thought of however you’ll determine a faux property company in Lagos? perhaps you’re among those looking out online {for however|for a way|for the way} to discover a faux property agent or maybe how do I verify Associate in Nursing real estate agent. this text can show you all the knowledge you would like to spot a faux property company in port and different components of the African nation.

Now that the important estate business has started booming and appreciating, several agents as well as the important and pretend property developers have started taking advantage of this business. Thereby motion Brobdingnagian issues for investors World Health Organization try to separate the chaff from the wheat itself. does one wish to grasp if a house agent is legit? Below area unit the ways that you’ll use to discover a faux property company or developer.

1. Company’s Registrations

Running a real land company in Lagos, Federal Republic of Nigeria needs you to be registered beneath the Company Affairs Commission (CAC). Hence, it’s simple to separate a pretend land company in Lagos from a real one.

Before you proceed in investment with a factor, guarantee such an organization is legal and registered beneath the above-named commission. you’ll establish pretend estate developers by inquiring about their registration numbers. If they’re real, they’re going to promptly provide out their number. If when they need to give you the number and you’re still doubtful, you’ll verify their credibility by visiting the CAC workplace in the Federal Republic of Nigeria with their number. higher still, you’ll rent a professional person to substantiate such land agent credibility for you.

2. Real Estate License 

Genuine realty firms or agents are going to be commissioned to sell and obtain realty properties. they’re largely recognized by the various boards and associations within the business. Thereby creating it straightforward to spot a pretend realty agent or company.

Before acting any dealing with a true estate developer, you’ll verify the estate agents by posing for their license. a number of the Associations supply realtors licenses embody the important Estate Developers Association of an African country (REDAN), Estate Surveyor and Valuers Registration Board of an African country (ESVARBON), and so on. you’ll ensure if your realty developer is in any of the subsequent associations before investing in this property.

3. Company Brand and Office

Most pretend realtors don’t have a website or consistent whole. you’ll be able to determine such pretend assets agents in urban centre, the Federal Republic of Nigeria by scrutiny their data like official phone numbers, workplace addresses on their website. what is more, a checking account name is otherwise to spot a pretend assets company? A pretend assets agent could give another checking account completely different from the brand you’re wont to.

Most real assets developers square measure in line with all this small data. Before you invest in any assets investment, make sure you pay through the proper channel also as finding out these very little details together with their e-mail address.

Also, you’ll be able to visit their workplace to confirm they’re what they delineate. Observe the workplace setting and verify their believability before investing with such agents.

4. Land Verification

Another way to spot a pretend realty company in a metropolis, the African nation is to verify the land or properties you’re shopping for. the way to verify Land in a metropolis or determine pretend land documents is by visiting the land written record. you’ll visit the Alausa land written record in the metropolis, for the land document verification or higher still rent a professional person to try and do that on your behalf. It’s simple to require to chop corners by not hiring a professional person owing to the price. however, hiring one can stop you from issues that will arise from shopping for dishonest realty agents.

5. Buyers/Sellers Agreement

When shopping for a brand new property, such a real estate agent must turn out the buyer/ vendor agreement before the payment. real assets developers can give of these for you whereas a faux assets company could notice it tough to try and do this. When you area unit supplied with this document, you ought to make sure you check everything out regarding the documents. this can be together with the company’s emblem, official name, Associate in Nursing agreement created, seller’s name, and different important data. The buyers/Seller Agreement document is an official document that shows the dealing between the 2 parties. So, don’t take it with levity. make sure you check it well or rent a professional person to try and do that for you.

6. Payment Details and Communication Channel

As aforementioned earlier, most good and real property firms can ne’er use a private account to speak with their customers. Hence, it’s simple to spot a pretend property company in the city, Nigeria thereupon. Do not build payment into a private account apart from the company’s official account. you ought to not additionally hear a house agent chatting or line of work you with their phone apart from the official range on their web site. If you act with such someone, there’s a high probability that you simply square measure talking with a pretend house agent.

7. Checking The Property

Do you wish to understand if a broker is legit? raise the broker to require you to the property. a real agent can comply with such whereas the reverse is that the case for a pretends assets company. It’s vital to require on friends or involve the service of a professional once looking for a property. you’ll verify therewith if actually, they pretend assets agents or not.

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