Investing While Young & Its Advantages (The Series) Chapter 1

Two to three decades ago, young people had their minds occupied with acquiring a degree at a tertiary institution, getting a good-paying job, tying the knot at the altar with the love of their lives, and going wherever life took them afterward.

Investing While Young (2)

This entirely is not a bad oversight but the foundations of the results were solemnly dependent on the resources of their parents or guardians. As the modern age began to squeeze in, it became more responsibility-oriented than achieving goals.

Investing While Young (3)

Young people began to crave more for ways to earn, to be able to cater for family members or sponsor the education of a younger sibling, with little attention to positive personal goals. The dream still lives on, with some already living it and the others still working the path to it.

Whichever your current status is, there is a deliberate action that requires you to have an input for the benefit of yourself and your future, called ‘INVESTMENT’

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Don’t feel disappointed just yet or close the tab.

Read till the end.

Investment is a way to secure all of the good things you have once imagined to have that you may not have yet or still want more of. It’s more like throwing a few today’s earnings into tomorrow so that there’s an increase over time as time leads you to that future.

Investing While Young (4)

See! That Wasn’t so difficult after all.

But why is it important that you do it while yet young?

See them for yourself…

  1. Improves spending habit
  2. Investing early 
  3. Lower investment cost
  4. Investing promotes discipline
  5. Quality of life
  6. Retire young
  7. Recover from mistakes
  8. Compounding returns
  9. Time allows you to take risks
  10. Compound interest

Check out chapter two for continuation,

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