Create Wealth Step-by-Step With Paybit

With as low as 500 daily and 10,000 monthly subscription fee  you will become a land owner in one of .

What is PayBit About?

Gamay Properties created Paybit to normalize the approach to real estate investment and owning landed properties. And with just a tiny amount of money, you are on your way to becoming a landowner.

How PayBit Works

Wondering what steps to take to get started with PayBit? Here are 4 Steps you need to take to start your journey;

Step 1

Register to become a paybiter and select your preferred subscription plan.

Step 2

An email will be sent the email address you provided in the registration form, that contains vital information (PayBit Brochure, how to make Payments, Terms and Conditions for PayBit FAQs of PayBit) about your subscription for PayBit.

How PayBit Works image

Step 3

Make your first PayBit payment with the account details in the email from after your registration.

Step 4

Relax and prepare to receive a call from one of our customer service representatives.

Why Go for PayBit?

At Gamay Properties Limited, we believe in breaking down barriers and making real estate investment accessible to everyone. That’s why PayBit was Curated – a revolutionary way to step into the world of real estate with ease. Here’s why you should subscribe today:

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What Are Our Clients Saying?

With PayBit, the real measure of our success lies in the experiences of our valued investors. Listen to their stories and learn how PayBit is transforming the way they invest in real estate.