Terms And Conditions

This application is made by the subscriber requesting for allotment of the space/square
meter as mentioned above.
I/We understand and agree that I/we shall abide by and be bound by the terms and
conditions governing this purchase, which takes effect from the date of acceptance and
subscribing to your preferred Estate location and accepting to be bound by this
I/We agree that the Company shall be notified immediately if there is any change in any
personal vital information supplied in this form, with verifiable evidence.
I/We agree that all cheques and drafts should be raised in favour of Gamay Properties
Limited or cash deposits made into our designated bank account (Sterling Bank:
I/We understand and agree that only payment(s) accompanied with proof(s) of
deposit/transfer will be acknowledged by the Company.
I/We agree that I/we shall keep records of payment(s) and other related documents, and
provide the same upon request, as the same serves as proof, should there be a dispute
regarding payment deposits.
I/We agree that my/Our inability to make payments for my instalment plan as at when
due attracts a default charge of 20% of the instalment price monthly or such other period
as may be ascertained and the default charge prorated accordingly.
I/We agree that my/our default in payment for more than 4 months consecutively or
cumulatively shall terminate the existing payment plan, and the subscribed portion of
the land shall only be available at the prevailing market price.
I/We agree that there shall be no reduction in the number of subscribed plots after this
the transaction has been initiated.
I/We agree that there shall be no conversion of any amount paid in buying any of our
landed products as subscription fee for any other product of the Company.
I/We agree that the development fee shall be on a separate payment structure for the
payment of the purchase price of the subscribed portion of land.